The Finance Manager Playbook

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Why this book exists...

This book is aimed at helping finance managers make more impact and grow their career - all while they learn to work less hours.

It’s all about the system you use to drive the right work forward at the right time.

And most managers are just winging it when it comes to prioritizing, delegating, and leading.

This book teaches you how to rise above that and implement a system to help you get promoted and sleep better at night.



1. Become a visionary finance leader

  • The Finance Operating System
  • Your vision = your success

2. Develop a healthy and high performing team culture

  • High expectations lead to big results
  • Create and communicate your expectations

3. Get more done with less stress and less hours

  • Great systems are built on leverage
  • Developing your autopilot priorities system

4. Become a magnet for the best talent

  • Acquire, retain, and ascend
  • Why your brand matters


About the author

👋 Hey, I'm Brett Hampson

Over the last decade I've had a successful finance career helping companies from $50M to $50B in revenue implement financial best-practices and grow profitably.

My secret sauce is simple: implement a best-in-class finance operating system that allows me to maximize impact while working less. All around me, I see finance professionals overworking but still not making progress on the most value-added work.

In 2023, I started sharing my systems and frameworks online to help finance professionals like yourself see that there is a better way.

- Brett Hampson

Founder of Forecasting Performance

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The Finance Manager Playbook

0 ratings
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